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The challenge here was to design a better Yelp List feature. While I love Yelp as a service, I hate the design – I find it loud, cluttered and incomprehensible.

The challenge for me was to work with what they had and not add to the madness, later, I did a Yelp Front Page Design which looked at how to clean up and consolidate the UI.

I think customer development’s really the right way to approach the problem of product market-fit , so I interviewed a friend of mine, Shannon. Shannon’s a daily and enthusiastic user of Yelp and I included notes from our interview.

This design for Yelp Lists consolidates bookmarks and lists into a single element which works towards simplifying the UI.

Add-to-List Wireframe

Currently lists and bookmarks are separate concepts within Yelp, this UI consolidates them into a single element. Download pdf at right for full design.

Working-with-List Wireframe

One of the key use-cases for lists is curated lists which are shared with friends and family. This design uses a drag and drop interface for list creation and publishing.

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